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Yantai Ruiqi Metal Products Co.,Ltd.
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Our main products include: copper clad aluminum row, copper coated aluminum rod, copper clad aluminum flat wire. All products have passed all the authoritative testing agencies, including the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) voluntary certification, the state-controlled electricity distribution equipment and the National Electrical material, the testing data are in line with the current industry standard of China. Our products are widely used in high and low voltage power distribution equipment, busway, high pressure closed bus, transformers, power supply units, control of electrical equipment and other electrical equipment industries, which can help to reduce production costs and save resources for the enterprises and countries to the greatest extent.

The company has superb technology, skilled production technology, advanced production equipment and perfect scientific management system. we have R&D staff with abundant technical strength, whose products can be designed out to connect with the modern equipment. With the rapid growth of enterprises, the company has developed into and economic entity of the major electrical industry integrating research and development, production and sales and service .

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